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Music Samples from our latest CD!
*Click on images below to view enlargements.

List Of Songs From Faceful Of Blues Music Credits From Faceful Of Blues Thanks From The Band

Music Clips From Faceful Of Blues:
Name Of Song File Type File Size Play Time
Beggin Song MP3 733 KB 0:46
Beggin Song WMA 374 KB 0:47
Four Letter Word MP3 407 KB 0:26
Four Letter Word WMA 595 KB 1:14
Bye Bye Baby MP3 1.17 MB 1:17
Bye Bye Baby WMA 615 KB 1:17
The Other Woman MP3 1118 KB 1:11
The Other Woman WMA 570 KB 1:11
Talk To Me MP3 1.05 MB 1:09
Talk To Me WMA 570 KB 1:09

Jill West and Blues Attack
released Code Blue in 1997
Song List From Code Blue
Music Credits From Code Blue
Thanks From The Band
Lyrics To

Code Blue is no longer available, but you can still enjoy 2 FREE
SONGS from the Code Blue CD courtesy of Jill West and Blues Attack!

2 Full Length Songs From Code Blue!
He's No Good MP3 4.47 MB 4:53
The Mirror MP3 5.08 MB 5:33

Jill West and Blues Attack
Featured On 3 Pittsburgh Compilation CDs!
*Click on CD covers to view enlargements.


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